About Our Company

We offer our clients a system that will operate completely automatedly. They do not have to make calls, write e-mails or contact us in any other way to sign up and use our platform. For 10 years of our successful work, we have completely adjusted all the functions. Its indisputable advantage is ease of use and customization. We provide the possibility of changing the strategy.

Any business is interested in their personal payment aggregator since it has a positive impact on expanding sales opportunities. Online sales/purchases are now an active part of our life and every day the range of products is only increasing. Therefore, we cover more and more niches of different products and services. Not only large retailers become our clients are, but also small companies that enter the market with their goods and services.

We also offer an individual design of the payment page, which can repeat the style of your website, have a company brand. This way, the level of customer confidence can increase. As our research has shown, it is the design of the payment page that affects the number of completed payments. The growth of customer loyalty is inseparably connected to their confidence that the payment will go through correctly and will not go to waste.